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Peter Wallack has been a photographer since 1972. Settling in Sanibel Island in the late 90's his focus shifted from urban and cultural photojournalism to nature and wildlife. Being able to work early and late in the day to use directional sun low in the sky, he published over 300 images of 80 bird species to the web ( In 2004 the editors of National Geographic found his work when they conducted “Google” Image searches on Florida bird species, and he was subsequently asked to do National Geographic’s 2005 edition BIRDS OF FLORIDA. Peter Wallack is internationally recognized for his photography of birds and other animals from around the world.

A Move to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2005, gave him access to many more species of local bird wildlife. Over the last several years he has worked to produce a collection of the birds of New Mexico. The photography presented here includes earlier work (Retrospective - 2009), and his most current work on Birds and Mammals of Kenya and Tanzania, and the collection of the Birds of the Pantanal, Brazil. (more in Bio)

Please enjoy the wonderful imagery on this site, and take note that all images are copyrighted, and require prior written permission for use.

Kenya & Tanzania Birds Kenya & Tanzania Mammals
Birds of the Pantanal, Brazil
  Blue Yellow Macaw Soaring by Peter wallack
photo Peter Wallack
  Grey Crowned Cranes Flying by Peter Wallackphoto Peter Wallack   Elephants playing by Peter Wallackphoto Peter Wallack  
Retrospective - 2009
Snowy Egret
photo Peter Wallack
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Birds of the Pantanal, Brazil